In need of a Valentine’s Day Date? I Have Your Mystery Man… One Night Stands Welcome

14 Feb
But I guess that really depends on standards, what you are looking for, and the things you are willing to compromise on. As is with all relationships.
Amidst eye contact avoidance with early morning commuters at the Court St R train station in Brooklyn NY I spied a hand written advertisement, the oddity of its appearance begged for a closer look. Each letter clear and deliberate, in a mix of CAPITAL and lowercase, the suggestions and demands were stated…DutchDating
My eyes roll over the document taking in the information….I stood there, staring at the little sign securely taped just above a pay phone – encouraging the viewer to pick up that phone, drop some coins in the slot, and kick it old school with handwritten notes, phones that have a dial tone, and soda pop dates. And then I thought about taking this call to action and putting it up on the online matchmaking site “How About We” to see if people would respond to these suggested dates.And if they did…Would they embrace the lowbrow comedy of an iconic, and delicious, POPEYE’S meal with a total stranger?Would they be won over with the obvious smarts and love of the written word revealed in a suggestion of meeting at a bookstore or the library?Would the softer side come shining through with the embrace of nature made obvious by the mention of the aquarium or the zoo?Would attention to health and fitness be clear in the offer of a walk date?Would the nod to the inner bad boy come off as cheeky and playful with the bold suggestions of a One Night Stand and a cigarette date?Would a serious love of beverages and sweets create a bonding point with the mention of soda, coffee, cake, or ice cream?

And then the suggestion of Window Shopping. I’m pulled into a fantasy and… I picture a beautiful day walking by Barney’s New York marveling all the beautiful things in the window and then running inside to buy exquisitely tailored clothes, pretty new handbags, and shoes that make it look like you’re kicking diamonds down the street when you walk.

I feel a smile creep up on my face as I picture my price charming, who lives to make me happy, has a body like a boxer and a face like Charlie Hunnam (Alright, it totally is Charlie Hunnam) spoiling me

I mentally enter the experience of not having to worry about money, or being frivolous, or responsible… just a total indulge that ends with something like trying on ridiculously expensive lingerie and disappearing into a beautifully decorated velvet boudoir dressing room for as long as we want.

And then I see it, where I had not see it before: DUTCH DATING

And with that realization, and the woosh of wind pushed in my face by the incoming train, I was snapped into reality

Dutch Dating

Nothing like referring to a date as DUTCH to really throw cold water on the fire…

I boarded the train, snuggled into the crux of the closed subway doors and spy a handsome man across the car. He had an amused look on his face, reading a small rectangular paper in his hand. I notice he is discovering what I had seen just minutes before.

His eyes rose and caught mine as we pulled into the next station. preparing for departure, he made his way to my side of the car. Holding the hand written advertisement he leaned in, caging me in my corner. I asked what he planned on doing with the note, and gave a half smile, confusion clear in my eyes. The doors slid open, and as he exited said, “Call me.” And then, with a laugh handed over the rectangle of paper. He then disappeared into the maelstrom of the morning crowd, surely never to be seen again.

Happy Valentines Day!


Do You Have A Favorite Deodorant? I Do.

4 Feb

My Favorite Deodorant is Donna Karan Cashmere Mist. One that really worked for me and smelled good was hard to find. That was until I discovored my forever one and only…well, in the case of deodorant that is. I found mine one summer back in ’99 in a 2ffer promotional set with the Cashmere Mist perfume I was going to buy anyway.

Screen shot 2013-02-04 at 12.37.29 AM

I have long since traded it my cologne for others, but my sweat blockage savior has always stayed the same. I have turned quite a few friends onto it and only get rave reviews. Simply – it’s the best. Buy it and tell me what you think.

And for a bonus it comes in 2 different sizes. A large version for around the house and a mini version for your travel bag. Thanks Donna – sometimes you just know what I need.


The Seceret Language Of Birthdays

28 Nov

Have you ever heard of the “Secret Language” books?

This is a question I ask new friends from time to time. When the answer is “yes!”, I feel a giddy connection. For those who say “no”, I am excited to share a long kept oracle of sorts that my sister and I have at times consulted, and other times shunned for fear of tainting whatever feelings we have accumulated from sheer experience instead of suggested truths…. But sooner or later – you can’t help but take a peek and revel a charted version.

The Secret Language books is a reference to “The Secret Language of Birthdays”, “The Secret Language of Relationships”, and “The Secret Language of Destiny”.

These books take a birth date and share an assessment of what those coordinates reveal about who you are, how you love, and where your path in life is headed. Although you can visit the dedicated website and explore immediately, I love the beautifully illustrated books and the joy of looking through the pages and finding a world of personal exploration.

Note, this is not a horoscope but a personology guide, based on years of research into the human condition, which uses days of the year to pull out a shared experience for an extrapolated version of a truth.

Alright, enough — if you are not interested yet, you never will be. For those intrigued, know that once you have experienced the Secret Language books, there is no turning back. Spot on, or spotted with truth, what you find will make you think about the connection of when you were born in relation to who you are at your core.

It is all in good fun so, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Fashion Fingerprint Featured on Fashion Style Beauty for Timex!

10 Aug

I am so flattered to have been chosen by influential blogger Kristin Booker of Fashion.Style.Beauty as a style star for her collaboration with Timex watches. Loving the gorge white Timex that inspired my matching neutrals look. See the whole feature here.

The Conversation Piece: Mojo Bone, Charms, Chanel, Hermes and other Style That Men Notice

3 Aug

1 Heart and Soul Necklace – I found this delicate necklace amongst the costume jewelery at a consignment shop. Inspecting it revealed a stamp of 14karat gold and a price tag of $60. This is the kind of treasure hunt find that feels oh so sweet. That was at least 6 years ago. Through 3 apartments, 2 relationships and countless outfits, the necklace has been with me. Dangling from my neck, men and women alike ask about the 2 little charms that hang perfectly at my collar bone. “Is that a heart and foot?” I get asked constantly. “No a heart and soul” is my reply, and they are always charmed.

2 Miu Miu Sunglasses – I saw these sunglasses in the 2012 spring/summer ad campaign for Miu Miu staring Mia Wasikowska. I fell in love. I had to have them. Anyone who knows me knows that I hardly ever pay retail. But in this case, I made an exception. Stepping into the Miu Mis shop in SoHo and knowing I had the money in my pocket to buy what I really wanted (no matter how frivolous) gave me a sense of satisfaction. When I wear my Miu Miu sunglasses I have a bold confidence. They look like money, and they are.

3 Hermes Medor Watch – I don’t remember where I saw this watch for the first time, only that I had an acute need for it that I could not shake. Knowing full well the retail price of this watch was thousands of dollars, I began trolling ebay like a desperate woman at a dive bar at 4AM. Although I did pay the most I had paid for anything on ebay ever, it was a steal. Every time I wear it I get compliments and when people realize it is a watch – forget it, they want to see it up close. And when the mood is right, the closer the better.

4 Vintage YSL – This is a Beacon’s Closet find. A perfect summer dress with a unique print in mid-weight linen. I can’t tell you how many men have stopped me on the street to tell me they like my dress. And then there was the one time I was on a job interview, waiting for my interviewer when a gorgeous man approached me. Already feeling flattered he leaned over and in my ear he whispered “Your zipper is down.” And it was. The entire side from my arm pit to waist was exposed. I turned bright red but thought, “thank goodness I wore my fancy lace black bra today”. If you are going to expose yourself to the world(and specifically, a beautiful stranger) might as well do it in style.

5 Vintage Designer Chanel – This one is such a treasure, and I can’t give you a link or tell you where you can find one just like it, because I have not seen it before or since the day I found this gem at Beacon’s Closet.  And when you have something the unique people can’t help but notice. This hexagonal bag holds quite a bit of items for a night on the town. Functional and fashionable? Sign me up.

6 Love Bone Necklace – One of my closets friends is a jewelry designer known for making a necklace that she calls the “Love Bone”.  She shared that it is the good luck mojo bone that attracts the opposite sex. For skeptics out there be schooled. This interesting piece has been a magnetic charge I can’t quite explain. It is crafted from a cast made from a racoons penis bone. Yes, racoons have an actual bone in their penis. But that is a story for animal planet. For ladies on the look out, I suggest getting one immediately.  If you want to know where you can get this magical conversation piece visit Bones of A Feather.

I would love to know what special piece gets the conversation started in your life. Leave a comment here if you want to share.

XO to my friends and fans. you are my sunshine.

A Hot and Sticky Confession: How to Beat the Heat…Or At The Very Least…Try

10 Jul

So here it goes – I don’t have an air conditioner.  I live in NYC, it is creeping on August and I don’t have an air conditioner… and I haven’t for going on 5 years.  It all started when I moved into a studio apartment in a turn of the century brownstone building in Park Slope.  Although cute as a button (I called it my jewel box) there was a clause written into my lease that explicitly forbade cooling systems due to a fire hazard.  So I bought three fans and set up an isosceles triangle wind oasis in my 450 square foot space and slept on the top of my comforter in a snow angle like position.

Vintage Vornado Fan

Sticky, slumber was found in a feverish state. Now I live in an apartment with ceilings capping at 11 feet, but I have an irrational fear of an electric bill rivaling my rent. And full disclosure- I have come to wear this appliance free fact as an odd point of pride. I will hang this reasoning on the true blue Jew in me, save a couple of dollars – and suffer?…Bring It! There are a few things that have gotten me through the years.  Although most everyone has an air conditioner, you never know when you will find yourself in a power outage, or corralled with your 2 sisters in a cabin at a  Club Med devoid of this luxurious appliance (story for another time)

So here it goes, this is what I have learned about beating the heat:

1.    Sleep on a cotton sheet only

On top of the comforter, you will find that the cherished warmth of the down that allows sweet relief in the winter will cook you from below.

2.    Take an ice cold shower before laying down for bed

This is pretty clutch to the whole situation and will make a world of difference. Do it.

3.    Fans Fans Fans

Place one of your fans at the foot of the bed and one oscillating model to the side of the body (If the power is out – abort this part;)

4.    Have a wash cloth bathed in ice water in arms reach

The different angles are great for cooling the body

5. Sleep in the nude, and if this is not a possibility wear all cotton

Make sure your gear is relatively close fitting – this might seem counter intuitive but trust me…your loose nightie will end up twisting and sticking to your skin in a unpleasant way

Here are my suggestions for your steam heat bedtime:

American Apparel Tank, Michael Stars Shorts, American Apparel Scrunchie

get it, got it, good:

Michel Stars Drawstring Shorts

American Apparel Tank

American Apparel Hair Scrunchie

Adventures in Dating: A Serious(ly brief) Crush

30 May

back to the drawing board face

I have a serious crush. Who knows how long it will last as I am getting  good at compartmentalizing my feelings, but here it is – this moment.

I never like anyone – and then a person comes along…and you have so much in common and the conversation just flows and you look at them intently  and think…if he tried to kiss me – I am totally going for it!

And then he leaves to go to the bathroom…and never comes back.

But for that brief moment – it feels like the real deal…

this crush is over… not too crushed, ego still in tact…T Le Clerc lipstick in Royal still pretty…Alain Mikli personality glasses in place…who’s next?