A Hot and Sticky Confession: How to Beat the Heat…Or At The Very Least…Try

10 Jul

So here it goes – I don’t have an air conditioner.  I live in NYC, it is creeping on August and I don’t have an air conditioner… and I haven’t for going on 5 years.  It all started when I moved into a studio apartment in a turn of the century brownstone building in Park Slope.  Although cute as a button (I called it my jewel box) there was a clause written into my lease that explicitly forbade cooling systems due to a fire hazard.  So I bought three fans and set up an isosceles triangle wind oasis in my 450 square foot space and slept on the top of my comforter in a snow angle like position.

Vintage Vornado Fan

Sticky, slumber was found in a feverish state. Now I live in an apartment with ceilings capping at 11 feet, but I have an irrational fear of an electric bill rivaling my rent. And full disclosure- I have come to wear this appliance free fact as an odd point of pride. I will hang this reasoning on the true blue Jew in me, save a couple of dollars – and suffer?…Bring It! There are a few things that have gotten me through the years.  Although most everyone has an air conditioner, you never know when you will find yourself in a power outage, or corralled with your 2 sisters in a cabin at a  Club Med devoid of this luxurious appliance (story for another time)

So here it goes, this is what I have learned about beating the heat:

1.    Sleep on a cotton sheet only

On top of the comforter, you will find that the cherished warmth of the down that allows sweet relief in the winter will cook you from below.

2.    Take an ice cold shower before laying down for bed

This is pretty clutch to the whole situation and will make a world of difference. Do it.

3.    Fans Fans Fans

Place one of your fans at the foot of the bed and one oscillating model to the side of the body (If the power is out – abort this part;)

4.    Have a wash cloth bathed in ice water in arms reach

The different angles are great for cooling the body

5. Sleep in the nude, and if this is not a possibility wear all cotton

Make sure your gear is relatively close fitting – this might seem counter intuitive but trust me…your loose nightie will end up twisting and sticking to your skin in a unpleasant way

Here are my suggestions for your steam heat bedtime:

American Apparel Tank, Michael Stars Shorts, American Apparel Scrunchie

get it, got it, good:

Michel Stars Drawstring Shorts

American Apparel Tank

American Apparel Hair Scrunchie

2 Responses to “A Hot and Sticky Confession: How to Beat the Heat…Or At The Very Least…Try”

  1. eye4style July 13, 2012 at 10:56 AM #

    OMG, how do you LIVE? Mine broke a day or so ago and I have to run to Home Depot after work today to buy a new one!

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